Love erotica?

Do I have some delicious treats for you…

First, a sizzling new release by one of my favorite authors, Elsa Holland, His Captive

He’s here.
His love is dark 
His heart is broken
His hunger is insatiable
And he is delicious!

His eyes bored into hers, reading every thought, seeing every graphic detail of her debauched fantasies.

She swallowed.

Yes, she was debauched. She was depraved. Acts a genteel woman would run from made her core throb. Is that what she wanted from him? That a man like him might be able to give her what she wanted?

Think of something else.

She couldn’t.

The idea of who he might be suddenly clear. Is that why she came back? Is that what the attraction to him was about?

And what if she were wrong?

She grappled, drowning in his gaze, feeling him in her head.

“If you continue to look at me like that Rachael, I may simply whisk you away, hide you on one of my ships never to be seen again.” His voice, low and deep, rippled through her like a visceral touch. Need pulsed through her. Hot longing for things she dare not give voice to.

“I might like that,” she whispered dangerously under her breath. She slowly raised a single eyebrow as if what she said was a ridiculous proposition. But his eyes had turned to black orbs of intensity.

“You like to live dangerously,” Moriata said softly. “Didn’t Jax tell you to be careful of me? I am sure he told you what kind of man I am, Rachael.”

The air between them thickened.

His chest rose and fell faster than before.

She stood at the brink and jumped, nodding slowly, making them both smile.

Another agreement of sorts.

She didn’t want to examine it too deeply.

When you planned to jump off a cliff you didn’t dwell on all the ways you could fail to fly.

and… two of my books are featured in the delicious…

Don’t miss this fabulous collection of reads to make you quiver.

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