A see-saw of pleasure

After a few months of illness and recovery, I have finally regained enough energy to be creative. I have started back working on my current story and would like to share a small sliver  – a lovemaking scene, of course. Just a couple of paragraphs, but it is a start to writing again and I can feel my enthusiasm, creativity and ideas bubbling to be expressed.

He did not stop, nor did he quicken his pace, but held me in torturous pleasure, between the wish to savour him deep within, and the need to move faster, to escalate toward the ecstasy waiting for us. Would he hold me in this place of conflict indefinitely?

Could he?

I opened my eyes and found myself locked in his intense gaze, unable to look away. He was watching me, fascinated as my responses to his slow thrust and teasing withdrawal played across my face: relief as he thrust deep and paused; impatience as he teased me with the friction of his movement.

Slow, agonising pleasure…

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Tantric “Sluts” or Living Goddesses: Why it Matters

I would love female sexuality to be as revered as Danielle Prohom Olson describes in her post.
“…there was once a very different world, one in which sexuality was not seen as dangerous, or something to be controlled, but venerated as divine. A world in which women were valued not just for their beauty but their spiritual power.”

body divine yoga

With recent media revelations about ritual sex, nude yoga and “yogasms” – sex has become a hot topic in the yoga world. Well, in honour of Women’s History Month, I’m joining the fray. Because let’s face it, nothing is more juicy or salacious than the forgotten high priestesses of sex, the “debauched” yoginis of Tantra.

While much conventional scholarship has designated these women as low-caste “sluts” exploited for ritual purposes, religious scholar Miranda Shaw has unearthed a very different history. Her book Passionate Enlightenment: Women in Tantric Buddhism claims these women were no mere ‘consorts’ but powerful gurus once held “in awe, reverence and obeisance”.

Her book is a biographic treasure trove of Tantric women teachers spanning the Pala Period of India (8th -13th centuries). According to Shaw, their writings and teachings were pivotal to the “central feature of one of most brilliant flowerings of Indian civilization”. So why are…

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When is naughty still nice?

I hope you all received a warm welcome from the new year and 2016 has treated you well so far.

My job as a graphic designer becomes very demanding at the close of each year and I admit to suffering a touch of burnout. I’ve spent the time since Christmas quietly re-energising: lots of sleeping; reconnecting with nature & myself; cooking & eating. I’ve read some beautiful fiction (The Lake House by Kate Morton and Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase), found the inspiration to do some writing of my own and spent many hours exploring gorgeous images on Pinterest.

There are some very talented artists and photographers sharing their images and I became addicted to collecting my favourites and following the trails from one alluring image to another. I found some of them titillating, a reflection of my latest foray into mild BDSM in fiction (prompted by Sierra Cartwright’s ‘With this Collar’ which also lead me to try my hand at writing a Dominatrix character in a novelette called ‘Mistress’ to be released on Amazon in the coming weeks).


Some images I found a little too naughty for my comfort. I guess the line between naughty-but-nice and shocking is dependant on the viewer, their sex, cultural background and his or her personal experiences. And maybe we become jaded or blasé over time.

I’d love to hear if you think my collection is on the nice side of naughty. I do…

Images sourced on Pinterest.