SEx Libris

What is it about erotic personalised book labels?

I recently decided to create my own Ex Libris label to use on my vast and much loved collection of books in the hopes they will return to me one day when I loan them out. So, I had a quick peek at what others were doing.

It seems the humble book label is the perfect outlet to express one’s individuality and creativity. I was not expecting the eroticism of some of the artwork I found – obviously many people express the erotic leanings of their personal library through their Ex Libris label.

Embed from Getty Images

Some of the designs are gorgeous, many are wonderfully titillating. I noticed a trend in the sensually themed labels toward the myth of Leda and the Swan. I’m not overly familiar with Greek mythology, but obviously there’s an erotic tale in there. I think I’ll have to do a bit of reading in that direction … there may even be inspiration for a modern retelling.

Some of my favourites are on my Pinterest board: