jade eggs… love stones… yoni eggs

The first time I heard of a jade egg was while attending a weekend tantra workshop last year. The mysterious little object was mentioned in whispered tones while the presenter was speaking, so although I got the gist of where it went (inside the vaginal canal), I wasn’t really sure what one did with it when it was there or the many benefits of having/using one.

jade egg

So, I finally did some research and came across the wonderful Tamra Mercieca who hooked me with these historical and erotic facts:

“The Jade Egg has been around for some 5000 years originating in ancient China, where Queens and mistresses of the most powerful nobles used it internally to strengthen the vaginal canal. Legend has it that the Taoist practice was a secret kept only in the Royal Palace so the ladies of privilege could maintain their youthful beauty, vitality and sexuality as they matured into old age.” Continue reading