When is naughty still nice?

I hope you all received a warm welcome from the new year and 2016 has treated you well so far.

My job as a graphic designer becomes very demanding at the close of each year and I admit to suffering a touch of burnout. I’ve spent the time since Christmas quietly re-energising: lots of sleeping; reconnecting with nature & myself; cooking & eating. I’ve read some beautiful fiction (The Lake House by Kate Morton and Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase), found the inspiration to do some writing of my own and spent many hours exploring gorgeous images on Pinterest.

There are some very talented artists and photographers sharing their images and I became addicted to collecting my favourites and following the trails from one alluring image to another. I found some of them titillating, a reflection of my latest foray into mild BDSM in fiction (prompted by Sierra Cartwright’s ‘With this Collar’ which also lead me to try my hand at writing a Dominatrix character in a novelette called ‘Mistress’ to be released on Amazon in the coming weeks).


Some images I found a little too naughty for my comfort. I guess the line between naughty-but-nice and shocking is dependant on the viewer, their sex, cultural background and his or her personal experiences. And maybe we become jaded or blasé over time.

I’d love to hear if you think my collection is on the nice side of naughty. I do…

Images sourced on Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “When is naughty still nice?

  1. Jodie
    As a man iterated in the sensual image and the erotic side of life, I find your selection of images and sense of taste impeccable.
    I would be very interested to see images created by you as you say you are a graphic artist, and I think that your images are largely from others. Please correct me (nicely) if I am wrong.
    If this seems like a strange time zone, I am in transit in Dubai as I send this message


    1. Thank you Chris. Lovely to hear from a man with a taste for sensual images and the erotic. I adore beautiful images and I do try to create my own, but as graphic art is my ‘day job’ my work is dictated largely by client briefs. I will definitely search through what I have done and see if I have created anything beautiful enough to include on my Pinterest pages. Most of the beautiful images I create are in my head and translate best into the words I weave into my stories. Josie


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