I’ve been a bad girl …

Anyone who read my post in July, or my author’s profile in the RWA Spicy Bites Anthology this year will be wondering – where are the novellas Josie planned to release by the end of the year?

Well, I sort of got caught up on the novel I’m writing based in 1920’s Washington DC and Jazz Age Paris. I have been working on the novellas, I promise… the first, a Girls on Film novella – Little Blond Lies is now available on Amazon and KDP.

To make it up to you, here’s a little teaser of the hot chemistry between streaming tv star Ethan Cox (when you read it you may notice an uncanny resemblance to a certain Last Kingdom hottie…) and Shakespearean stage actress Anya Stein when they meet in a steamy seaside town in Portugal. All I’m going to say is that Anya is out for revenge, but what she gets is so much hotter… if you like the taste and want more check it out on Amazon.

But, before I tease you, take a look at this…

Traditional boats on the canal in Aveiro,

Like what you see? Want to visit? So do I! This delicious place is where Little Blond Lies is set – Aveiro, the Venice of Portugal.

Want to see more? I found this footage very inspiring:

Sigh… If anyone from this gorgeous town reads my story – please accept my apologies for inconsistencies. I would be very grateful for corrections, so please contact me!

I plan to visit just as soon as I can, as I fell in love with the place while researching the story, but I may not get there for at least six months ☹

So, the sneak peek… Ethan is picking Anya up for their date. They’ve only met once, and that was barely an introduction. There is so much they don’t know about each other. He’s hoping for a day of ‘fun’ but she’s planning something more sinister. There’s no point denying the sexual chemistry between them, so maybe she can use it to her advantage.

“You don’t mind if we ride?” he asked, lifting the jacket in invitation.

“Mind? I can’t wait. It has been an age since I’ve been on a motorcycle.” She said as she shrugged into the smooth leather.

Ethan handed her the helmet and watched her slide it over her short hair. “You’re blonde. I couldn’t tell the other day, under the beret.”

“Disappointed?” she asked, lifting her chin as he reached to fasten her chin strap. His knuckles brushed her neck and she shivered.

“Not at all. I just assumed with your dark eyelashes and eyebrows…”

His mouth was so close she could see the cleft in the centre of his lower lip. She stifled the urge to run her fingertip – or her tongue – over the soft fullness… and follow the crease inside. Instead she dragged her eyes to his. “Maybe, I dye it?” Anya aid with a raised eyebrow flipped her visor down.

Ethan flipped his down over a grin and a sweet ache pulsed low in Anya’s abdomen at the implied implication that he intended to find out. She watched as he gracefully straddled the bike, kicked the stand up and turned to her.

When she was sure she had his attention, Anya gathered the hem of her light cotton dress and swung her bare leg over the seat behind him, sliding forward so her pelvis tucked in behind his.

“As much as I appreciate the view, I should have thought to bring leather pants for you.”

“No need. I prefer to ride like this. I love the feel of leather on bare skin.” The sun-warmed leather tingled on Anya’s inner thighs as she leant forward, shaping her body to his broad back and wrapping her arms around his waist. “Don’t tell me where we’re going. Surprise me.”

“I’ll do my best.” Ethan laughed and started the bike, pulling smoothly into the traffic to ride slowly through the cobbled streets.

The combination of having a gorgeous man and the throb of a powerful engine between her legs only inflamed her need for release. Anya tried to suppress her growing arousal by studying the details of the historic buildings they passed, as if Ethan were the guide and she the visitor.

After an sensual ride, the couple cool off with a dip in the ocean, and you can imagine where that leads…

Little Blond Lies cover 500x650 RGB

Also, I’ve put the second Girls on Film novella up for pre-order, available January 20. I’m still putting the finishing touches on Body Double, but as soon as I have something juicy for you, I’ll be sure to share a tasty morsel of it with you, right here.

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