Alter-egos are healthy

Most people have an alter-ego, an aspect of themselves they like to, or need to, keep hidden from their family, children, work colleagues.

I have an alter ego. You’ve met her – Josie Baker. Although, because this is her blog, I guess it’s her ‘regular’, ‘respectable’ self who is the alternate personality here.

It amazes me that people who are a part of my regular life see me as demure – prim even, straight laced. My clients; the staff at my local library; the girl who does my facials and waxing; my acupuncturist; osteopath; doctor; the girls in my yoga class; don’t see the sexual nature that is so much a part of ‘me’. They would never suspect that I am Josie – the girl who writes erotica, who thinks about sex and fantasises about the many different sexual scenarios which could spring from the situations happening all around her, every day.

I could count on my 2 hands the people who know both of my personas – most of my writing friends know me as Josie, but only a very few know who Josie is with her mask on in the world of legitimate identities.

It is fun being two people. I love having an alter ego, and I love having a space for her to stretch and feel free to be herself. I love having an outlet for the secret part of me. I especially love everyone who visits to check in with me, those who ‘like’ one of my posts, or who decide to ‘follow’ and keep the connection.

Josie is the person I would have been if I’d made a different life for myself. You never know, maybe one day I’ll be brave and introduce myself as Josie Baker, and everyone will know what goes on in my head 😉

I plan to share more of my erotic fantasies in 2017, right here, so please drop in and say ‘hi’ sometime.

Wishing you a new year full of love and pleasure.


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