Jade egg as a writing aid?

It’s been a few months since my jade egg arrived, but I wanted to give my body some time to adjust before I wrote of my experiences.

I can’t be entirely sure of the physical changes since my egg and I first became acquainted, except that in the beginning, the muscles of my vaginal canal could only hold my egg for half an hour or so before my internal muscles tired. The time increased steadily and I quickly found I could go about my normal life with my egg inside. Now I can hold it indefinitely without trying, or being conscious of its presence. I assume from that change that my muscles have become stronger and more toned – and with very little effort.

The most noticeable difference though, is associated with creativity. If I am writing, by using my egg, I find the words flow easier and faster, and if I am having trouble connecting with my creativity (I wouldn’t call it writers block, more like constriction), with my egg as my companion, the connection opens immediately and ideas and words flow without hesitation.

Increased and better access to my creativity was not one of the benefits I expected, but it was an extremely welcome one. Now, after reading Naomi Wolf’s book “Vagina” and learning of the link between orgasm and creativity, I realise I should have expected any improved connection with my sexuality and increased sexual energy, could only benefit my creative process.

A direct line to my muse? I wouldn’t want to be presumptuous, but what a thought!

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Confidence in and connection with your sexuality; orgasm and creativity are closely intertwined. The gorgeous Tamra Mercieca explains the connection perfectly on her fascinating blog/website ‘Getting Naked’…

The healing effects of reflexology

If you haven’t heard of reflexology, the basic principle is that you press various points on either the ears or feet that send healing energy via ‘meridians’ to the associated organs.

What’s super interesting is that the Taoists found that most powerful reflexology points are actually in our genitals!

The cervix is the reflexology point for the heart, which makes sense as it is the deepest part of us.

(On a man his heart reflexology point can be found at the tip of his penis, so if he goes inside a woman, these reflexology points marry up.)

What does this matter?

Gentle massage of the cervix not only helps heal the physical heart, keeping it in good health, it also helps open the emotional heart.

Many women guard their heart and refuse to show vulnerability, which are key parts of experiencing deep love, joy and ultimately pleasure!

Maybe they were abused, hurt emotionally, had their heart broken, and this has caused them to shut down.

So how do we use this information to heal our cervix?

You work with your heart reflexology point in your cervix, by massaging it softly. As softly as you would touch the face of a newborn baby (the cervix is as sensitive as your eyeball).

Of course reaching your fingers all the way up into your cervix to massage it can be difficult, which is why I suggest women use a Jade Egg.

The Jade Egg works in two ways; physically massaging out the tension, while energetically absorbing any trauma stored in the tissue.

As the tension melts, the cervix becomes more soft and receptive.

Why do we want a soft and receptive cervix?

Firstly, because that is the state of a healthy cervix, and secondly, softness in the cervix is what creates the environment for you to experience a cervical orgasm.

Now a cervical orgasm is very different to a clitoral orgasm.

While a clitoral orgasm generally leaves as quickly as it comes, and is confined to the genital region, a cervical orgasm can last for hours!

Not only that, the vibrations of the cervical orgasm spread throughout your body so that you experience a full body orgasm!

Many women describe the cervical orgasm as the spiritual orgasm, because it leaves you feeling at one with all that is.

Part of this relates to the fact that there are three nerves that run from the cervix up to the brain, quite literally lighting up the brain and giving you far more access to your creativity.

There is also a meridian channel that leads from the cervix all the way up to the crown chakra – so in softening and opening this tissue in your vagina you are gaining access to your spiritual self.

Cervical pleasure really is magical: It’s a super highway to creativity and feminine power and wisdom.

For more fascinating information on sexual health and pleasure:


And the next step for me, getting ‘physical’ with my egg:


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