Monthly hotties coming your way

Meet Mr July…

Portrait of attractive young man with beard and open shirt revealing sixpack abs, sitting in leather armchair

Okay, I have yet another confession… as a little girl I used to sneak into my dad’s collection of Playboy magazines. I just loved reading the letters to the editor and dreaming of the day I might look like one of the sexy centerfolds. I suppose my enjoyment of naughty magazines was an early manifestation of my appreciation of all things sensual, which grew into an urge to create my own erotic worlds through story.

Now I’m a big girl, my dream is to have my own monthly Playmates – or play boys. At this stage I don’t have the time or finances to go scouting for talent (damn!) so in the meantime I’ll showcase gorgeous characters from my stories.

First up, Mr July – Zane Winters, aka as Shadow…

Stats: Black hair, caramel-brown eyes
5’11  |  43 inch chest  |  33 inch waist

Born and bred in Vegas, Zane studied architecture at school, but his passion is repairing vintage and classic motorcycles and riding his Vincent Black Shadow…

Vincent black shadow
Zane loves….
Impromptu meals with intelligent, witty women, including his mom…
And holidays in Cuba where he can dance as if no-one is watching…
Check out his story to see him in all his considerable glory:
In Pokerface, Zane is invited to an abandoned theatre to play poker – the prize… a night with the gorgeous, naked woman the cards are dealt on. But he has stiff competition and the outcome is more than satisfying!

During July I’ve joined with a bevy of other writers to offer you a steamy collection of hot sexy reads… click on the link below to find your own Mr/s and/or Ms/s July to spice up your night…

Sexy Reads header

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