A prize for Spicy writing

Well, it’s that time of year again – I’m off to Sydney for the annual RWA conference, and I’m going as a prize-winner!

I recently ranked first in the Spicy Bites competition, and my story Daisy, Chained, will appear in the annual RWA Short Story Anthology Chains, which is being released on August 18 (this Saturday).

The story was a pleasure to write, the words seeming to flow through me–almost writing themselves–from my imagination onto the page. I almost felt like an imposter when I heard I’d received a score of 100% from the judges.

Spicy Bites announcement

I would love to share with you a short excerpt. But first a quick background…

Daisy, hiding the vulnerable side of her nature behind her adopted name Kalika (for the warrior goddess), is the only female member of a private martial arts club.

Hiro is a special guest, invited to demonstrate a weapon not previously used at the club – a chain whip. Sounds kinky, hey?

As you’ll see on this YouTube clip (low resolution, but you’ll get the idea) the weapon can appear more of a performance accessory than an instrument of battle.


Kalika is the last to assist Hiro in his demonstration. Her weapon of choice… double sticks:

Of course, she bests him, but in the process, he gets in a couple of strikes and she’s surprised by the pleasure that accompanies the bite of the chain.

Thinking Hiro, like the rest of the members, has left the club, Kalika uses the shower room. Still damp and half naked from the shower, she spies one of the two chain whips used in the demonstration peeking out of what must be Hiro’s gym bag, tempting her to experiment with self inflicted pleasure, and pain…

As Kalika pulls on her loose harem pants, her gaze catches on a flash of metal across the room. She turns, a flutter of excitement in her belly. A neatly folded chain whip pokes out of a black gym bag. It’s his. One of the two Hiro used in the demonstration. Her heart accelerates to recall the dart of pleasure inflicted by its burning kiss.

She glances at the empty doorway. If a split second of contact could feel that good, how would it feel to have the chain wrapped around her flesh? With the whip in her hands, she would be in control of the pleasure. 

She reaches for the handle, pulling out the folded weapon and unravelling the cold steel.

The end of the chain touches the floor and she lifts her arm, circling it around her body. She thinks of him, swaying, the length of steel an extension of his body, his muscles bunching with each movement. Despite the lack of expression on his face, his eyes had revealed his desire as the tip bit into her skin.

The whip tightens with each circuit. Cold metal slides over the skin of her belly, her ribs, along the crease beneath her breasts. Its kiss on her nipple sends a shock of pleasure through her body and Kalika pulls, hard, gasping as the links dig in.

She stops still, scalp prickling, holds her breath and slowly lifts her gaze.

He is there, a slim silhouette in the doorway.

“This time is allocated for female members to shower,” she croaks out, trying to speak as if she doesn’t have his whip wrapped around her half naked body.

“Please, accept my apology. I came for my bag.” Hiro steps into the light, his torso still bare, silk pants hanging low on slim hips. His gaze is a caress as it travels from her flushed face, down her arms to where she holds the handle of his whip, following the chain to her breasts. Her nipples tingle with the intensity of his attention.

He reaches behind and pulls something from the waist band of his pants. With a twist of his wrist the links unfurl, the scarlet flag at the tip waving like a bird’s wing. Slowly, as he slinks toward her, Hiro swings the whip around his head and it swoops down, circling his body. A hiss escapes him when the tip flicks his pec and Kalika squirms to feel its touch.

When she’s in range, Hiro flicks his wrist and the chain snakes out toward her. The end wraps around her waist, a steel-tongued caress, before sliding away.

He steps closer and the metal bites the swell of her buttock.

As he unfurls his chain from her lower abdomen, she grabs the end and uses it to pull him closer. He looks deep into her eyes and it feels as if he’s reading her soul.

Will Hiro see through Kalika’s tough exterior and connect with her softer side?

If you’d like to read the whole story, and those of the other winners, here’s the link to purchase the anthology on Amazon:





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