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To celebrate the release of Peep Shows 2: l’amour à trois, I’m sharing a little taste of Ella’s sensual adventures…

I woke in a wash of moonlight, confused for a moment about how I’d ended up in an unfamiliar room with a warm body beside me. It took me a few moments to work out I was lying on my side with my arm draped over Sophie. In the silvery light I could see she had her eyes closed and a small smile on her face.

I lifted my hand slowly to stroke her beautiful red hair, turned to silver in the faded light of the moon. I watched my fingers tentatively trace the silky strands in an almost involuntary motion and started a little when Sophie turned her head to rub her forehead against my cheek.

Warmth blossomed in my chest. I wanted to wrap my arms around her, pull her close and bury my face against her neck.

I wanted to feel her body pressed against me.

Instead, I turned onto my back, confused by the unfamiliar, sensual instinct that almost overtook rational thought. Where had this sudden attraction for a woman come from? Had it been so long since I’d felt the satisfaction of physical touch that I’d grasp it at any opportunity?

Sophie turned onto her side in a rustle of sheets. I closed my eyes, confused and unsure what to do. Should I pretend I had just stirred in my sleep? Had she seen my eyes open?

Gentle fingers stroked my fringe away from my forehead, fluttered lower to brush my lips before trailing gently down my neck.

Swallowing the uncertainty, I opened my eyes and turned my head to find her watching me intently. Her lips curved in a soft smile. Without analysing why, I rolled back onto my side to face her.

The regularity of Jason’s breathing was a reminder we were not the only ones in this bed, but implied he was still asleep. My hand trembled slightly as I tentatively reached out to rest it on Sophie’s waist, firm but pliant beneath her tight t-shirt. With half closed eyes I watched my fingertips gently traverse fabric covered ribs and skirt the small swell of her breast.

The sight of her firm nipple beckoned and I circled the peak shyly, uncertainly. Sophie exhaled deep and low and slid her hand beneath where Jason’s shirt gaped at my hip. My flesh shivered beneath her touch as her hand moved upwards in a imitation of my own slow exploration. An exquisite ache spread through me as she skimmed my ribs with her fingertips and approached my nipple. Spears of need shot through my body when she rubbed the very tip with a soft fingertip, gentler and more devastating than any man had ever touched me.

I mirrored her action and rubbed the very tip of her nipple gently through the fabric, moving to cup her breast in a firmer grip when she thrust into my touch. I moaned low at the restless craving her reaction stirred between my legs. Dampness welled there, my flesh demanding to be touched.

Sophie’s hand slid low again, back over my ribs and around my waist to pull me towards her while nudging me onto my back. I placed my dislodged hand on her hip, barely padded with flesh, while she traced gentle circles on my belly and teased my earlobe with small teeth, breathing heat into the shell of my ear. Sweet craving swelled and I arched slightly, cautious not to disturb Jason. What would he think if he woke now?

Sophie slid her hand between my legs to cup the flesh that begged for her touch. I thrust against her hand, seeking more of the pleasure of her caress. Beginning languidly, Sophie stroked me through the fabric of my underwear, gradually building pressure and speed as I squirmed beneath her touch until my body tensed in anticipation. She slowed, held me teetering on the precipice for a few moments before releasing me to waves of warm, sweet orgasm.

I struggled to calm my breathing and hoped I hadn’t cried out while in the grip of ecstasy. Had Jason woken? I lay with eyes closed, languid with satisfaction and listened for any movement from him above my gradually quietening heartbeat.

At the swish of sheets I opened my eyes to find Sophie kneeling next to me on the bed, the sheets pulled back and the bed empty next to her. Sophie asked permission with her eyes as her hands caressed the elastic at the top of my panties. I smiled my acquiescence, a little uncertain. What comes next with a woman? I pictured moist flesh sliding together and my breath began to quicken again.

I turned my head to see Jason standing in a strip of moonlight, his boxers bulging at the front. How long had he been awake?

I kept my eyes on Jason as Sophie slid my panties down slowly, as if watching for any sign of resistance, but I lifted my butt so she could remove them. They were both still and silent. I knew they waited for me to make the move that would invite them to lead me further down this unfamiliar road.

I had already travelled too far with Sophie and Jason to turn back now and the lure of more pleasure and closeness urged me to continue the journey, to follow wherever it led.

I pushed myself upright and felt their eyes heavy on my hands as I pulled the loose shirt over my head, exposing belly then breasts to the cool air that washed over my flesh. I handed the shirt to Sophie when she reached for it. She urged me gently to the centre of the bed, staying close and supportive but with enough distance to leave me isolated, like a sacrifice to the gods of lust.

We both watched Jason step out of his boxers and drop them on the floor, his gaze locked with Sophie’s. He stood naked before us, his body slim but muscled, proud with his arousal. It had been many months since I’d had a man inside me and my still aroused sex clenched at the thought of his enthusiastic cock filling me, of his weight covering me.

But how would this work, surely he couldn’t split his attentions between us both?

They smiled at each other before he turned to look at me and knelt on the bed between my legs.

He leaned slowly closer, urging me onto my back to hover above me, his weight supported on knees and forearms, close but not touching me. I quivered with the effort of holding still, wanting to pull him down and guide him inside me but sensing their need for control and agreement.

Sophie leaned forward to run her fingertips down my stomach and I struggled to lie there, still and waiting. Jason’s breath stirred my hair as he studied my face. I sensed the delicate balance needed, the weighing of passion, emotion, love.

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l’amour à trois… 

Ella leaves her life in the city for a sea-change and a fresh start after a string of disappointing relationships. She finds love and the kind of sex she’s dreamed about in an unconventional relationship, but will it turn out to be the happy ever after she’s always wished for?

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