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Love, Lust & Nipple Clamps

All the Peep Shows collections rolled into one sensual feast…

In the spirit of Anaïs Nin’s ‘Little Birds’, my collection of sensual short stories ‘Love, Lust & Nipple Clamps’ explores some of the many facets of female desire and sensuality. Each story will take you on an erotic journey:

watch Gwen shed her puritanical fiance and delve into an illicit sex club where voyeurism is the only entry requirement;

visit a penthouse apartment in Paris where reality exceeds Lilianne’s most uninhibited fantasies;

and experience a forbidden office affair with independent career girl Abi and her sexy IT geek.

Become a voyeur and join me to enjoy sensual insights into the worlds of exhibitionism, dominance & submission, self pleasure, sex with a stranger and ménage à trois.


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LLNC cover Amazon

Before LL&NC, there were… Peep Shows 1-4 (sensual appetisers)

We all have at least one erotic secret – what’s yours? A forbidden workplace liaison; an unusual way to find a husband; a titillating birthday gift…

In the tradition of Anaïs Nin’s ‘Little Birds’, ‘Peep Shows’ is a collection of short stories offering sensuous glimpses into the lives of ‘ordinary’ women.

One of these feisty girls may be standing in front of you in the queue at the supermarket, or making your morning coffee at your favourite café… is your imagination equal to the truth of their secret lives?

Inside Peep Shows 1:

One More Night: Abi is a confident and extremely focused career girl. She used to think no man was worth losing her job over, but will she be tempted to break the no-fraternisation company policy with Paul, the sexy IT geek.

Sweet Torture: A promise is a promise… how far would you go to honour one?

Paris Interruptus: Ever had a sensual fantasy outdone by reality?

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Peep Shows cover final

Inside Peep Shows 2: l’amour à trois: An erotic novelette

Ella leaves her life in the city for a sea-change and a fresh start after a string of disappointing relationships. She finds love and mind-blowing sex in an unconventional relationship, but will it turn out to be the happy ever after she’s always wished for?

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PeepShows2 final small

Inside Peep Shows 3:

Out of Sight: Two people chasing their dreams… a chance meeting miles away from their common hometown. Stolen time and hidden passion. Can it lead to Happy Ever After?

Exhibitionism: How much teasing can a girl take? Will the chemistry between model and photographer combust before they consummate their attraction?

Window to Desire: Can two acquaintances with a mutual attraction find simultaneous satisfaction three time zones apart?

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PeepShows3 cover SMALL

Inside Peep Shows 4: Mistress of His Heart

When divorced womaniser James Owens stops visiting his fuck-buddy Lizzie Murray, he doesn’t realise he’s just walked away from his second chance at happiness – until he thinks he’s lost her forever. What will he have to do to make it up to Lizzie when she embraces her inner Dominatrix?
From inner-city Sydney to a Balinese resort and a hospital emergency room, share James’ journey from corporate ass-hole to loving submissive.

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PeepShows4 cover small

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